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PiXtend is a programmable logic controller based on the high-performing Raspberry Pi single-board computer. Its broad

array of digital and analog inputs and outputs lets you connect virtually any sensor or actuator from the industry or maker

sector. Other devices, controllers and computer system are easily connected via serial standard interfaces (RS232, Ethernet

and WiFi). All these robust interfaces comply with the SPS standard (IEC 61131-2).

CODESYS V3 and PiXtend® let you memory-program controls using the globally recognized IEC 61131-3 standard for PLC

programming languages. An integrated CODESYS web visualization tool is available for displaying your control elements,

diagrams and graphics on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Remote access via the Internet has never been easier!

- Without Raspberry Pi

- Connect to RPi and go!

- Item no.: 50199 004


- Retain memory protects key data against power failure

- Industrial outputs, HighSide switches with separate feed and all-round protection

- Control and regulate short cycle times, 2.5 ms at 400 Hz

- Use Node-RED to turn PiXtend V2 into an edge device and graphically link and configure data flows

Client Benefits 

- Easy design-in thanks to connection planner, 3D models and detailed manuals

- Quad PWM for actuating drives and model servos, without costly add-on modules

- Perfect connections, high-grade clamps, optional plug-in version


- Mechanical engineering controller

- Plant engineering controller