QEED QI-POWER-485-300 Single phase power meter- 300A AC-400A DC / 1000V DC - 800 V AC

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The QI-POWER-485 is a Single-phase Power meter able to measure the RMS AC or DC Current and Voltage.

On the RS485 Modbus are : available : Irms, Vrms, Watt, Var, Va, Vpk, Ipk, Frequency, Cosφ, Energy bidirectional and THD. The device is fully configurable by

RS485, DIN rail mounting, 4kV galvanic isolation for Voltage input.


• THD available on the Current measurement;

• 0,5 % Accuracy;

• RS485 Modbus integrated;

• Bidirectional Energy metering;

• Din rail mounting in both side;

• OEM’s design, low cost;

• Fully configurable by free interface software FACILE QIPOWER-485

• Bootloader for updating firmware

• Available Measure register: MSW first, LSW first or hundredts