QEED QE-POWER-M-PLUS Single phase energy meter with universal current input

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Single phase energy meter with universal current input: current transformers with output in voltage or in current can be

used on the same inputs.

One DIN box, perfect for electrical panel. Equipped with one serial output RS485 Modbus RTU for readings and one digital

output for alarms. 

Configuration through free software.

Meter Characteristics

POWER SUPPLY 10...40 V DC o 19...28 V AC - 50/60Hz
VOLTAGE INPUT : Direct connection up to 500V RMS maximum (40...70Hz)
Transform Ratio for CT and VT available
OUTPUT RS485 Mobus RTU and SPST Digital Contact t (<40 V, ><100mA)

- I rms, V rms
- I pk, V pk
- P : Active Power ( W )
- Q : Reactive Power (VAR)
- S : Apparent Power (VA)
- Frequency
- Power Factor (Inductive / Capacitive)
- Energy ( kWh) Bidirectional Energy (kWh), positive and negative
- Active and Reactive Energy (kVARh) - ( Inductive / Capacitive )
- Crest Factor

·        PLUS Version

- Tanφ,
- average (inductive/Capacitive) Power Factor average
- Power Factor Distortion (inductive/Capacitive) average
- THD (V, I )
- Power measurement : min, average and max
- Max Demand over 15minutes Time at which arises max demand (per month) -
- Time above a threshold - K Factor ( IEEE Standard 1100-1992)

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