QEED QC-PM485 Single-phase power meter with display – RS485 – Direct 100

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The QC-PM485 module is a DIRECT CONNECTION single-phase power meter up to 100 A.
It has a backlit display and an RS485 serial port which communicates in Modbus RTU.
The meter is powered directly from the mains.

Main features:

Available measurements:                      voltage, current, frequency, active power,
                                                          reactive and apparent, active energy
Current:                                              10(100) A
Accuracy class:                                    1.0
Standards:                                          IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21
Frequency:                                          50-60 Hz
Light impulse constant:                        1000 imp/kWh
Display:                                              LCD 5+1 = 99999.9 kW
Power consumption:                             ≤ 8VA ≤ 0.4 Wh
Starting current:                                  0.004 Ib
Working temperature:                         -20