QEED PRO1-MOD MID-approved Single Phase Power meter

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QEED, in partnership with INEPRO, presents its MID-approved equipment for SINGLE-PHASE (PRO 1) measurements.

The PRO1-MOD MID power meter is equipped with an RS485 serial output for data logging on a remote monitoring/transmission system.

Single-phase direct connection up to 45 A – Pulse and RS485 Modbus serial output

Main features:

Available measurements:             Current, Voltage, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent  Power, Total Energy and bidirectional Energy, Frequency, Power Factor , Totalizer for every Power measurement, bright pulse output S0.

Current:                                     45 A
Nominal Voltage:                        230 v AC
Accuracy class:                           Compliant to EN50470-3
Standards:                                 MID Ditective
Frequency:                                 45-60 Hz
Light impulse constant:               Configurable: (Ton:45ms, Toff: 270ms, T-t: 140us)
Display:                                     LCD
Power consumption:                   ≤ 2W…< 10VA
Starting current:                        0.05 Ib
Working temperature:                -25
Overvoltage:                              4KV for 1 minute
Humidity:                                  <= 75%