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Our product range includes network analyzers (three-phase and single-phase), signal converters, modbus I / O systems, current transformers (standard, openable and rogowski), software and customized products.

QEED is the electronics division of DEM Spa.

DEM has been a well-known manufacturer of suppression filters (RFI filters) for many years, both for industrial and residential applications.

Qeed is the department that develops and produces electronic products and systems for industrial automation. In doing so, they mainly focus on power measuring devices, signal converters and displays. The use of the latest components and the constant search for new technical solutions ensure that their products are highly technological, highly communicative, reliable and economical.


Their experience in the field of RFI filtering ensures excellent but also competitive products and solutions.

 Together with Master Chips, they guarantee the best possible service through know-how, experience and technology.

 Qeed supplies modern products with interfaces that can communicate immediately with IOT platforms.

 Custom products can also be developed and produced.

 Thanks to the small dimensions of the devices, they are easy to install in existing electrical distribution boxes.


* Energy measurement and monitoring: motor applications, Cos Phi correction, monitoring of high voltage transformers in the following industries:

- Paper

- Steel

- Watertreatment

- Chemistry

- Building management: HVAC , …

- Green energy


* Hall effect probes and current transformers

The IOT revolution ensures that sensors are immediately connected to a monitor system in all industries. All current probes / transformers from QEED can communicate with a network.

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Showing 1-12 of 24 item(s)